The Korean Bride Custom

The Korean Bride Custom


The korean wedding tradition is a series of ceremonies that recognize the woman’s families and their heritage, unlike several American weddings, which are frequently just one big party. Every detail has a particular impact, from the attire to the food to the bow and drink.

The Paebaek is the first meeting. This was formerly only for members of the family, but it can now accommodate guests. The bride and groom meet with their brand-new in-laws at this service, who are seated behind desks stocked with different products. The symbolic jujubes ( Korean dates ) and chestnuts, which represent children, are two of these foods. The handful gives the relatives their gifts and makes a serious bow. Additionally, they enjoy a pot of pleasure collectively. The honeymooners attempt to catch them with their dresses after receiving the jujubes and chestnuts from the in-laws. According to reports, the names of the people they catch show how countless sons or daughters the few may have.

The bride’s household receives items from the couple’s side once the engagement is final. Although they korean cupid com are typically home objects, they can be more costly. The bride’s mother typically wears a mild orange gown, while her daughter may choose a red or pink one.

The Jeonanrye, where the groom presents his upcoming mother-in-law with wild geese, is another pre-wedding ceremony. This demonstrates that he will remain committed to his fresh family and that their marriage will last a lifetime. This is being replaced by a present of sturdy birds immediately.

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