Modern Korean Wedding Tradition

Modern Korean Wedding Tradition


In the past, traditional Korean wedding rites were much more intricate and involved a lot of time The ceremony is a special occasion where a handful pays regard to their parents and ancestors. They furthermore seek gifts for their potential up. Today, however, current Korean celebrations have been simplified so that visitors may continue their lives seamlessly after the celebration. While still retaining the essence of important rituals, current spouses have also added their own details.

In modern weddings, the bride and groom wear hanbok ( traditional Korean clothes ) instead of white dresses and suits or tuxedos. The bride usually wears a vividly patterned hanbok with longer flowing dresses and men wear a darker orange or red hanbok with soft slacks.

A key component of the meeting is a bird(kireogi) which represents devotion and devotion korean mail order brides. It is typically a survive bean goose but now it is more generally a wooden one. The goose is passed around from tourist to guest and bowed to. It is a symbolic sign as birds are known for their long life and fealty to their lovers.

Another significant time is paebaek. This is a meeting in which the bride and groom pay respect to their people by offering them drink. They also offer jujubes and chestnuts which symbolize sons and daughters. The number of guests can be very large for this festival and in the recent it was only the couple’s family who participated but now the couple’s families are generally invited to.

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