How To Get the Most Out of Client Billing

How To Get the Most Out of Client Billing


As a small business, you want to avoid using too many different tools within your day-to-day operations. Too many platforms can result in excessive expenses, inefficient processes, and general confusion about which software does what. Billing your clients on a retainer model lets you know exactly what you’re earning each month. This also helps you and your client know exactly what is due each month and simplifies billing overall.

  • If you’re using modern tools such as SPP, automation ensures that you no longer have to chase payments.
  • Moreover, you can track work hours for full- and part-time workers, including over- and minus-hours.
  • Check out this how-to guide on activating SMTP mode in Branda, and this helpful walk-through on SMTP setup through Gmail.

Refunds happen, and you can quickly issue a refund for any product or service. Once payment has been made, you can give a refund, and it will go directly back to the payment method the client used. The client has their own area in your Hub to log in to view their profile, including vital information about their billing (e.g. orders, bills, etc.). It provides a great customer experience and makes it easy for them to manage their billing on their end.

Best free invoicing software for time-based billing

Check out our support page on adding an invoice to learn more about our billing features, and to find out what billing can look like for your freelancing business. However, it’s important that you aren’t afraid to follow up with your clients when they miss payments. You deserve to be paid for your services, and it’s unacceptable for clients to consistently pay you late. Automated invoicing platforms are a great way to remind clients of when payments are due, and let you send invoices without relying on unsecured networks. The invoice tracker template allows you to create invoice templates that suit the unique needs of your business.

  • You can generate automatic invoices with a unique invoice number, track all project details, manage any past-due payments, and view every one of your invoices on a single dashboard.
  • Clio includes a straightforward dashboard of outstanding balances that shows who’s paid their bills, who hasn’t, and when a payment is due.
  • And you can connect Square to Zapier to automate more of your invoicing workflows.
  • Easily access all your client billing information right when you need it, because it’s all in one place.

Card issuers update payment information to prevent services with recurring payments, like Apple Music subscriptions, from pausing when a new credit card is issued. Sometimes card issuers might allow recurring charges to continue to go through on an expired credit card. When you create an invoice and select the applicable client, a dropdown appears where you can select billable projects to add to the invoice.

And don’t worry; if you don’t yet have a Stripe account, you can easily create one through the Hub’s integration wizard. One of the best reasons to use QuickBooks Online is that you pay a monthly fee to get access to tons of accounting and invoicing features, plus updates and customer support. With QuickBooks Online, you can track all your financial information in one place, from income and expenses to time and taxes. Let customers pay invoices online, in person, or from their phone with a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH bank transfer, or Cash App Pay. It’s hard to choose the best invoicing and billing software, but one thing is clear.

Most clients are embarrassed by the idea of not paying their bills on time, and that is usually enough to get payment your way. Most good freelance relationships are based on a contract template. Whether you created one, the client provided it, or you collaborated on a contract that incorporated both parties’ feedback, this is the starting point for billing practices. Your freelance contract should have outlined the important details you’ll need to refer to in your invoice, and it will guide you on the proper billing amount. It may even include extras, such as who the freelance invoice template gets addressed to and how payment will be made. All solutions include features for both case management and invoicing and billing.

Next Up in Invoicing

Even solo practitioners and small firms have to track and allocate hours to clients, account for retainers and manage a variety of rates and billing options. And 7 steps to a budget made easy lawyers have to comply with strict legal and ethical requirements. Add your products, create automated recurring invoices, and get paid on time, every time.

Create new rows on Google Sheets for new Paymo invoices

The sidebar guides you through payments, expenses, and other essential tasks, and the simple design ensures straightforward comprehension. But before jumping into the software reviews, we want to share an excellent tip on building your invoices more quickly so that you’ll save a great amount of time. More control of the ScheduleOne of the first improvements you’ll see is the ability to ‘break the rules’ (billing rules, that is). Do you need to change this month’s recurring invoice to push it back a week? Or maybe you need to charge a little bit extra, just this month? We will be opening up more control to make one time changes to your client schedule.

Why use legal billing software?

Client billing is the process of billing someone for goods or services you have provided them with. You give or send them a bill stating how much money they owe you for these goods or services. Stripe is a great solution for everyone who operates internationally and wants to make it easy for their customers to pay an invoice. With that said, most of these features require the paid subscription, and are not available on the free plan. Some of the free features include contracts with e-signature and estimates.

The best free invoicing software in 2023

The platform also helps you track your time, manage expenses, and stay on top of overdue payments with automatic reminders. It’s like having a personal finance assistant that makes your freelance business so much easier. A well-structured billing process instills confidence in your clients. They feel reassured that you have a systematic approach to managing payments, which builds trust and strengthens your business relationships. Satisfied clients are more likely to become repeat customers, contributing to client retention and a steady stream of projects. So, it can help you transfer your clients to a retainer agreement with recurring payments and build a more predictable income stream.

If you ask clients to pay upfront, invoices should be issued automatically, which is how handles the process. You can still issue invoices manually, and they are marked as paid upon successful payment. Compared to Zoho, Square Invoice targets businesses that have higher requirements when it comes to invoicing. The software helps you manage payments faster by allowing you to create batch invoices. You’re even able to automatically convert an accepted estimate into an invoice. SPP facilitates these types of payments, but you can also set them up in Stripe.

The best invoicing software comes down to cost, limitations and features that make it easier for freelancers and small businesses to get paid for their work. Forbes Advisor looked at more than cost, as you also have to take into account the value for the money you pay. If you’re paying a higher monthly fee for billing software, but you also get features to help you track expenses or manage projects, that could be worth it. Both plans for Square Invoices allow you an unlimited number of invoices, and you can schedule recurring invoices for regular clients.

Track your billable time with the most effortless and intutive time tracking solution. If you start tracking today, you get a full month of free Timeular subscription. As you can see, account management is streamlined, easy, and more convenient than ever thanks to Client Billing!

If you don’t live in New York, you may want to check with your state attorney general about what options are available to you. The sooner you send out an invoice, the sooner you’re likely to be paid. Keeping cash flow constant depends – in large part – on your ability to keep invoices current. If you are lazy about creating and sending new invoices, you’ll soon find yourself not getting paid in a timely fashion.

For any go-getter seeking to organize and manage business from anywhere. For professionals with client engagements in person or remotely. Rest assured that the task of getting paid isn’t complicated, but it does require you to be professional and consistent.

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